Hybrid Cars, Transportation Alternatives and Green Travel

In America, we're married to the car. Between the wide open spaces within which we travel and the ease and availability of fuel, driving a car can be a difficult habit to break. But Green Transportation and Eco-Friendly Fuels are more than important, given the negative impact that so much driving and so many cars has on the planet. So what are the Green Transportation options when you're ready to make the switch? And is it actually more economical, more convenient and more sensible, while at the same time being better for the environment?

Some things to consider. If owning a car is mandatory, try carpooling or reducing your overall driving each week. If you can opt for public transportation for errands or for your daily commute to work, even for one day a week, then put your efforts into that. It makes a big difference on a collective scale if we all make the same decision together. Carpooling, while not ideal for those who like their alone time in the car, is a great way to reduce the impact that driving has on the environment. Signing up for a car-sharing service, which is a feature on the landscape of more and more cities, can also be a great option.

There are programs like Zipcars and Flexcars which are affordable and relatively convenient in many locations. Taking your local Metro, or purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle when you next buy a car, all can be helpful. If you can ride a bike around town, that's a great way to contribute to the overall health of the environment. And when you can, why not walk?

Lastly, consider green travel and tourism options next time you plan your vacation. Purchasing carbon offsetting credits, taking a green vacation or an eco-tour -- they're all simple, effective means to protect our planet.


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