Sustainable and Green Design involves environmentally-conscious practices and materials, and contributes to the wave of green urbanism that makes city and urban living more efficient and eco-friendly. Mixed and multi-use design and building is a significant part of this wave of new green urbanism - it creates high density parts of town, where occupants build community, support local independent businesses, and stay out of their cars due to the proximity of all the things they need.

Non-governmental organizations have created best practices and basic requirements so that we might understand, as consumers, exactly what we're getting when we sign on with a business that uses green building and design practices. This may include water conservation, eco-roofing methods, low flow toilets, energy efficient appliances like your refrigerator or washing machine, green irrigation using recycled water or greater insulation in your home for more efficient energy use.

If you're looking into finding a Green Designer or Builder when you renovate or build your next home, you will find everything you need in the subcategories of this section, below.


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