Farmer's Markets & Locally Produced Organic Food Wholesalers and Retailers

Farmer's markets provide consumers and producers an opportunity to exchange fresh, locally produced and organic foods in an open-air setting across all fifty states. Typically hosted on weekends or a single day during the week, Farmer's Markets are a vital and growing part of the food economy, even though they are often open for limited hours. Produce comes straight from the field or farm, and is often picked fresh in the morning before being driven a short way to the market for sale.

Not only will you rarely find such magnificently fresh produce in a regular supermarket, you will also be helping to reduce harmful emissions from vehicles that are used in the transportation of packaged food and goods around the world. Eating seasonally, eating locally produced organic fruits and vegetables, and creating dynamic relationships with your food growers all contributes to a healthier lifestyle and diet. And if that wasn't enough incentive, you won't believe how much cheaper, fresher and more flavorful the produce offered in Farmer's Markets actually is. Lastly, you'll only purchase what you need, and you'll be reducing food waste and packaging consumption in meaningful ways.

In this section of the Green Directory, you will find information on Farmer's Markets and local food producers and wholesalers. Start by clicking on your State below.


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