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Green Business Directory browsers will find all green clothing manufacturers and retailers listed here. Eco-friendly clothing and apparel has as much to do with sustainable agricultural practices as it does with the ethical treatment of fellow human beings in industrial environments around the world. Businesses practicing Fair Trade or clothing manufacturers employing sustainably farmed cotton have raised the bar for other competing businesses who may not yet have adopted similarly eco-minded goals.

The demand for ethically produced or green clothes grows stronger every year, among consumers whose eco-consciousness is also on the rise. Green Apparel Businesses that practice ethical treatment of workers, or those that use planet-friendly dyes and materials, or even those whose wares do not require drycleaning with harsh and toxic chemicals can be found listed in the sub categories below.

Purchasing clothes made from recycled materials, clothes made with sustainable agricultural practices, or even clothes that are used and for sale in vintage or second hand stores are all ways in which consumers can be eco-friendly and green when it comes to apparel. Further, clothing that has been produced by laborers who were not exploited, or clothing that has been produced locally in a sustainable manner should also be listed in this section.

Support these healthy green businesses by making your next clothing or apparel purchase on their sites.


By Hand online fair trade shop brings you a range of gorgeous fair trade products and ethical gifts...

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Handcrafted rings and pendants made from sustainably gathered wood. Made in USA...

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The Coolest Eco-Fashion Ever. Organic Cotton | Hemp | Recycled P.E.T. | Made in America..

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