Environmentally Safe Green Dry Cleaning Businesses in the US

The importance of switching over to a green, safe and non-toxic method of Dry Cleaning your clothes cannot be understated, and more and more businesses are adopting more environmentally-friendly practices. What makes regular dry cleaning methods so unsafe? Harsh chemicals and solvents (typically Perchloroethylene or perc) are used by more than three-fourths of all US dry cleaning businesses. A wide variety of health problems have been associated with these chemicals, and the EPA has stepped in to regulate the industry and the use of such toxic chemicals. Safer materials such as liquid carbon dioxide has become the preferred alternative for Green Dry Cleaners.

Perc and other harmful chemicals negatively impact our central nervous systems, affecting especially those who work in dry cleaning facilities. But these chemicals often find their way into the air or groundwater, harming more than just employees in these businesses. Skin irritation, dizziness and nausea are just a few of the ways in which these chemicals can injure the body. Cancer is among the worst of the negative effects.

As an alternative, Liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) is inexpensive and occurs naturally in the environment. There is even an option to recycle the material from industrial wastes. Topping the list of positive reasons to switch over to CO2 would be the fact that there are no harmful side effects for humans exposed to the chemical. While some offer that liquid carbon dioxide is less efficient at cleaning when compared to chemicals like Perc, the positive aspects far outweigh whatever CO2 may be lacking in efficiency.

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