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New green tech gadgets and inventions offer lots of benefits to consumers and to the planet. Green innovation and green technology can provide us healthier, more efficient, more environmentally friendly ways of existing on the planet, and reducing our carbon footprint while we're here. With more companies going green in the office every day, recycling ink cartridges and improving on printer and ink technologies are two efforts worth investigating. Solar-powered computer equipment, air purifiers that make your home a safer and healthier place to live, green power sources for musical instruments or appliances around the house - every little bit helps.

Going green and increasing our reliance on clean energy solutions through technology and gadgetry is one of the first steps to cleaning up the planet's health. Because of the popularity of the Going Green movement, many gadgets are available as the eco-friendly counterpart to less sustainable versions. Gadgets that conserve more or use less energy, solar power gadgets, recycled packaging, vegetable based inks or compost-able materials should all be located in the subcategories below.


Make any room in your home a greenhouse with solar lighting designed for the indoor gardener..

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Micro hydro systems for DIY home-owners looking to turn their moving water source into hydro power...

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