Meditation Classes, Acupuncture & Acupressure Clinics by State

During many of the various styles of Meditation, an individual learns to center their breathing and to focus on an object, a sound or phrase, all towards greater clarity and calmness throughout their being. Among the many benefits of a Daily Practice of Mediation, an individual can hope to adopt greater compassion and more positivity, better decision making, increased creativity, easier management of daily stress and a greater ability to handle life's challenges. Search by State below to find a Meditation facility, coach or class now.

Acupuncture is an ancient practice that originates in the east and that is used as a medical and spiritual practice to treat psychological and physical ailments. Combining eastern principles of the five elements of life, the law of Yin and Yang, and the energy force known as Chi, Acupuncture works via the placement of special needles in key pressure points in the body. These points correspond to energy pathways, and allow blood flow and Chi to be circulated through the body. Search by State below to find an Acupuncturist now.


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