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Yoga has gone from traditional practice in the east to all the rage and a very popular trend in the west, with its basis in spirituality, exercise and meditation resonating with a broad part of the population. Yoga focuses on breathing (prana) as a way to calm and harness one's energy, on a multitude of levels. For people suffering from back or heart problems, anxiety, stress or even depression, Yoga can be just the answer to maintaining a healthy, positive approach to contemporary life.

Pilates has also grown in popularity in recent years, though the barrier to entry is slightly higher than Yoga. Pilates is a comprehensive body conditioning program that can be performed with or without the use of a specially designed machine. Improving strength, endurance, conditioning and flexibility, Pilates strengthens an individual's core, creating a potentially profound affect in overall health and wellness. Founded by Joseph H. Pilates who also invented special machines for the practice, Pilates combines physical and mental health conditioning.

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